5 Common Home Staging Mistakes that Can Impact Your Sale

5 Common Home Staging Mistakes that Can Impact Your Sale

Staging your home properly can have a big impact on purchase price and selling time, but home staging mistakes can ruin your sale.

Steer clear of these 5 common home staging mistakes that make your home go stale on the market.

1. Making Your Home Too Trendy

Professional home stagers are quick to tell you that home staging is different from home decorating. When decorating your home you have free reign to pick any style you like and carry that style throughout the house. Decorating can be trendy, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Home staging is not the same. Rather than going for what’s trendy, home staging should be timeless. That doesn’t mean everything has to be beige and neutral colored. Don’t be afraid to have colorful throw pillows, rugs or even a bright colored couch. But avoid fads and trends and opt for simplicity instead.

2. Not Painting

Old paint shows very poorly in houses. In fact, recent study of real estate agents revealed that 100% of agents surveyed recommended a fresh coat of paint when preparing a house for sale. Failing to add a fresh coat of paint is a major buzzkill for potential buyers and is one of the biggest home staging mistakes you can make. Old paint makes the house feel older, dirty, and poorly maintained.

Add a fresh coat of paint to help your house hit the market hot. It’s best to keep paint on walls neutral, but an accent wall here or there is totally acceptable.

3. Dark Rooms

Dark, drab rooms are ideal for dungeons. Not what most buyers are looking for. Dark, heavy curtains and poorly lit spaces are a great way to ensure your house stays on the market for months.

Brighten up your house by removing curtains, washing the windows, and replacing burned out lightbulbs or broken light fixtures. When shoppers come to look at your house be sure to open all the blinds and turn on every light in your house.

4. Oversized Furniture

A huge cozy couch is perfect for a movie room, but not so much for your main living space. Oversized furniture has a way of making rooms feel smaller and more crowded. Showing your house with large pieces of furniture that fill every room decreases feelings of openness and will drive buyers away in a hurry.

This can be improved by removing oversized pieces and replacing them with appropriately sized furniture and arranging it to maximize the space in your house.

5. Neglecting Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing most buyers see. Nothing says “run away” like overgrown bushes, a yard full of junk, or vines growing wild all over the house. A garage door broken half-way down, shattered windows, or large dead spots in your grass will turn buyers away before they even walk through the front door.

Spruce up your curb appeal before selling by pulling weeds, trimming back bushes, dejunking, and making any needed repairs.

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