Open House Etiquette: Everything You Need To Know When Selling Your Georgia Home

Open House Etiquette- Everything You Need to Know for Selling Your Georgia Home

Open house etiquette encompasses all of the numerous dos and don’ts of hosting an open house when trying to attract potential buyers. 

Keep reading to find out everything you’ll need to know in order to snag a buyer for your home. 

Let Your Agent Take the Lead

It’s best that the seller not be present at the open house, if possible. This is so that buyers can feel comfortable bringing up any questions or concerns they have about the house, even those that could be mildly offensive to the seller. Additionally, sellers won’t have to be there stressing and overanalyzing about how the open house is going.

To make things easier on your agent, leave important documents on the table so that they are able to answer any tough questions that may arise, including:

  • Your home’s appraisal
  • Home inspection report
  • Home warranty
  • Monthly utility bill information
  • Proof of any major repairs 

You can also whip up an information sheet that interested buyers can take with them, which could include important facts about your home like square footage, and facts about the neighborhood as well. 

Make sure to listen to any advice your realtor may have for you on how to improve your home before the open house. Constructive criticism can be difficult to hear, but ultimately they have years of experience and your best interest at heart. 

Keep Your Clutter out of Sight
Potential buyers come to an open house so they can envision themselves living in the space. That will be hard to do if your grocery list is on the fridge and your dirty clothes basket is brimming in your bedroom. Put away as much clutter as you can when preparing for your open house so that potential buyers can focus on the bones of your home without being distracted by any mess. 

 Make sure to take any pets with you so that buyers with animal fears or allergies won’t be put out, and move any extra cars from the driveway so that guests will have more parking space

Go Above and Beyond

Fresh baked cookies, lemonade, flowers, and lit candles add a nice touch to any open house. You can also exceed expectations by cleaning your home from top to bottom. Places that people often forget to clean include:

  • Walls
  • Cabinet doors
  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Window sills 
  • Door frames

So go the extra mile in order to make sure there’s no dirt or debris to distract potential buyers from your home’s good qualities. 

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