The Pros and Cons of Selling Your House in the Age of COVID-19 in Metro Atlanta

Even in the best of times, selling your house is a long and time-consuming process. But in the age of COVID-19, things are trickier than usual. 

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible or even that it is a bad idea. In Metro Atlanta, the housing market has held strong, even amid a national crisis. If you’re considering selling, here’s an up close look at the pros and cons of selling during this unprecedented time. 

Pros of Selling During COVID-19

Virtual Home Tours – A virtual home tour offers the ability for you to show off the best parts of your home while skimming over the more unsavory areas. It also makes it far easier for buyers outside of your immediate market to tour your home.

Less Competition – Due to the low inventory of houses in the area, home prices continue to rise regardless of what the rest of the economy looks like. And in the midst of COVID-19, fewer people are selling houses. That’s good news for you because selling your house now means less competition for you and more competition for your buyers. Competition for buyers translates into more money for your house.

Low-Interest RatesRates on 30-year-mortgages are historically low right now. Low rates, coupled with the low supply of houses, means the demand is high. It’s a seller’s market, which is a recipe for more offers in a shorter amount of time. When you look at it that way, now is a better time than ever to sell your Atlanta home.

Cons of Selling During COVID-19

Extra Paperwork and Addendums – Because of the unusual circumstances surrounding a worldwide pandemic, any offers you receive might include addendums addressing the possibility of delays. The buyers need to protect themselves from potential difficulties like an illness, job loss, or government mandate that requires an extended closing date. There may also be issues with scheduling inspectors and appraisers, quarantine requirements for any of the invested parties, or title/escrow companies being closed. 

Delays – Thanks to technology, a lot of the processes surrounding home sales can be done virtually. This doesn’t mean that there won’t still be interruptions as it’s common for closings to be delayed during times of national or state emergency.

Relocation – The fact that it’s a seller’s market is great news when you’re trying to sell. Not great when you need to find your next home. It might be more difficult to get into another house, but remember that renting is always an option until you find what you’re looking for.

Patriot Home Buyers Will Buy Your Metro Atlanta House

If you’ve been considering selling your house and live in Atlanta, Georgia, now is the time! With Patriot Home Buyers, you get the pros of selling in the age of COVID without having to deal with any of the cons. Just give us a call, and after we gather a little bit of information about your property, we will make you a cash offer within a few days. We can close on any day of your choosing with no concern for delays, no need to stage or repair your home, and no added stress on top of an already stressful time. Call us today!

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