What Exactly Do You Do at An Open House for Selling Your Home?

Selling your home can be an exciting time, but it also takes a lot of preparation, such as prepping for that open house. 

After getting your home ready to sell, the open house is like the celebration of all of your hard work. An open house is the easiest way to market your house to a large amount of people in a short amount of time. But what are you, as the home seller, supposed to do during the open house? 

Open Houses When Selling With an Agent

Real estate agents are split on whether open houses are worth it or not. If you are selling with a realtor and you decide to have an open house, your agent will probably handle all the details. They will help you choose a date and time, market it on the appropriate channels, and recommend tips for staging your home. All you need to do during the actual open house is make yourself scarce. 

Real estate agents will stay on site and guide potential buyers through your home, answering questions as they go. Home sellers aren’t on location during open houses run by realtors, so you can go enjoy brunch with your family or hang out elsewhere while your agent wheels and deals.

For Sale By Owner Open Houses

There are a lot of benefits to using a realtor, but they also charge costly commissions. Many sellers choose to avoid those fees by listing their home for sale by the owner. Open houses are especially helpful in these situations, because home sellers can’t always step away at any given moment to give a home tour. An open house allows you to show your house to several potential buyers at once on a weekend morning when you don’t have to worry about missing work. 

During these open houses, owners stay at the house to welcome guests and answer questions. Home buyers typically don’t like attending open houses where the seller is present, because they don’t want to hurt the seller’s feelings if they’re unimpressed with the home. So it’s important to act professional and help your guests feel as comfortable as possible. Look at your house as an asset and remove the emotion from the process.

As potential buyers arrive, greet them warmly. Ask for their names and remember them. It can be helpful to have a sign-in sheet for serious buyers to leave their contact information. Let your guests know they are free to tour your home at their leisure. Be nearby to answer questions, but avoid following them around the house. Give them the space to explore and critique the home freely without the fear of offending you. When they do ask questions, answer them honestly and unemotionally. 

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