Why Hosting a Virtual Home Tour Can Help You Sell Your Georgia Home

Why Hosting a Virtual Home Tour Can Help You Sell Your Georgia Home

In this digital era, hosting a virtual home tour is all the rage. Keep reading to find out how you can put one on successfully.

What Is A Virtual Home Tour?

A virtual tour is a way to take visitors on a virtual tour of your home, with no trip to the actual location required. It is most common for sellers to hold a home tour for interested buyers, realtors or investors in a realtor or brokerage platform. 

Why Host One?

If you want to list your home for sale in a timely fashion, hosting a virtual tour is the way to go. Virtual tours make it easy to walk people through your home in a very controlled setting. Think about it this way. You can show your home during the day or at night when the real estate agent cannot. You can give them a tour at the same time every day or all at once. A virtual tour is also a way to create buzz around your home in a simple, fun and productive way. People tend to remember details when they are part of a social event. The more people know about your home, the better chance you have of it selling quickly. 

Planning Your Virtual Tour

Since a virtual home tour is a virtual experience, the only real “tour” you need to plan is a virtual tour folder. Start by gathering up some key photos of your home, what you love most, and even what you don’t. This can be a super-easy way to start getting in touch with interested buyers. 

Executing Your Virtual Tour

Before you start the virtual tour, make sure your hosting platform is set up. You can host the tour on one of the many home tour websites out there. Or, you could use a video hosting website like Vimeo, YouTube, or even a file sharing site like Dropbox. When choosing hosting platforms, be sure to select one with no advertising. Many are advertising-based which can result in major headaches for your site. Before you launch your virtual tour, make sure you have a prepared set of questions to ask visitors. Ask your guests to describe their experience with your house and neighborhood, which will help you draw up the ideal tour. Once you’ve finalized your questions and opinions, you can then answer visitors’ questions and redirect them to the areas they’re most interested in.

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